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Welcome to The Process Muse, where I explore the way I work (and sometimes the why I work) in different genres and in different mediums. The plan is to release one post per week. Posts will focus on a specific topic, and refer to comparisons and contrasts in my own work and others.

I don’t have all of the answers. But I like to explore the questions. I will detail what works for me and why, in the hopes it will help you on YOUR journey, or you might be interested in the behind-the-scenes process. If something I do works for you, terrific. If not, that’s fine, too, because discovering what does not work for us is just as important as learning what does.

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Devon Ellington

I am a full-tme writer, in fiction &nonfiction under mulltiple names, & an internationally-produced playwright &radio writer. I spent the bulk of my professional career working backstage on Broadway, theatre, film, &television production.